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Another young boy writes Santa as his homeless family face Christmas in emergency accommodation



A young boy has written a heartbreaking letter to Santa as his homeless family face Christmas in emergency accommodation.

The family-of-four have been living in a cramped hotel room in Ennis, Ireland, and say their battle with homelessness is “destroying their lives”.

Margaret Maughan is staying there with her husband Kevin and two children – Kevin, seven, and six-year-old Shakira.

Young Kevin is looking forward to Santa returning to the emergency accommodation after his visit last year, reports the Irish Mirror.

His simple letter reads: “Santa, my name is Kevin, please come to the hotel again with Batman toys.”

Ms Maughan explained the family has no cooker or fridge in their room.

This means it is more expensive as fresh items such as sandwiches and yoghurts have to be bought and prepared for school lunches every day.

In the evenings, with nowhere to cook, usually unhealthy takeaway meals have to be bought in.

Ms Maughan said: “My little girl is six years old and was always a happy, bubbly, healthy child, but since becoming homeless she’s been nervous, anxious, sad and very hard to deal with.

“She has now been accepted by CAMHS [Child And Adolescent Mental Health Services] and is awaiting an assessment.

“My little boy is seven and ever since becoming homeless he has got severe asthma from staying in cold, damp rooms. He is on two inhalers and a nasal spray which he was never on before.

“My husband has got severe depression and has tried to kill himself three times in the last two months as this is just getting too much to deal with now.

“I am trying my best to hold everything together, but I just can’t keep it going much longer. We are really and truly struggling with being homeless. It is destroying our lives.”

“I am a mother of three. We have been living in a one-bedroom B&B accommodation for 16 months.

“This is our second Christmas here. My son has autism. “He hits, kicks and spits. We have breakfast in the morning here in the B&B.

“But I can’t bring him to the dining room for breakfast because of his behaviour. We all sit on the floor in the bedroom to eat.

“We have no access to the kitchen so we eat takeaway.”

Heartbreakingly, these are just a fraction of the shocking cases which highlight the real state of the housing and homelessness in Ireland.

Other horror stories emerging involve a homeless man with cancer, a property with five people in a bed and three students kicked out of a converted shed at the back of a garden for complaining about paying €500 each a month.

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