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Married Woman Caught Sleeping With Man, Blams Husband For Not Talking Care of Her (Video)



A married woman was caught redhanded with her lover but refuses to leave, telling her in-laws that it was the husband’s fault which made he cheat.

While details of how the two lovebirds were caught were not clear at the time of publishing, a video which was taken just after they adulterous pair were recorded.

The cheating love birds seem to have been enjoying themselves at or near the matrimonial home, judging by the number of the cheated man’s relatives in the video.

The man’s relatives who seem to be the one who recorded the video insist that the woman must leave with her new lover.

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However, the unrepentant woman who was caught red-handed pulls a shocker and insists that she is not away. The woman who is yet to identified actually blames her husband for her adultery claiming that he does not take good care of her.

The cheated hubby does not seem to be anywhere in the picture though. However, his relatives are breathing fire and insist that the cheating wife must leave.

The video ends before there is any resolution on what should happen to the cheating woman. Ironically, however, not much is said in the video about the marital status of the woman’s lover.

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Watch Video Below:

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