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SARS Officers Were Caught Dropping Packet Of Weed Inside A Guys Car (video)



This happened at Mile12, Lagos State this afternoon. Some SARS Officials stopped this guy and his girlfriend who were driving to their destination and labelled this guy a yahoo boy.

The girlfriend who has come out of the car also when they stopped them recorded the SARS Operatives when they dropped a packet of weed inside the guy’s car. 

The SARS Operatives caught the lady when she was recording their video and seized her phone. They removed the weed from his car when they saw people gathering and making videos. 

It was when some area boys got involved that these SARS Operatives took to their heels.

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The lady was the one who facilitates the freedom of her boyfriend after capturing the SARS Operatives when putting weed in his car because if not for her he would be arrested.

See video below:

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