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What is happen now in Aso rock.



What is happen now in Aso rock.

Conflict in the Presidency: Abuse Proposes Instruction to Nigerian Armed Forces Without Using Buhari – Monguno

Presidential Adviser on National Security Babagana Monguna accused President Abba Kyari of interfering with national security affairs and interfering in matters beyond his control.

As a result, Mongonu sent a letter to the chief of Nigeria’s armed forces, warning that they should not try to take orders from Abba Kyari from now on.

In a letter discovered by Monguno, Monguno said on several occasions Kyari was acting out of self-command without a command from Chief Buhari, leading to security concerns.

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“The head of the office of the president is not on the list of lawmakers in the country and has not pledged to protect Nigeria so there is no reason for him to interfere in national affairs.” General Monguno said.

“For this reason it should not be unusual for the Nigerian prime minister to have a special meeting with the country’s security chiefs, foreign ambassadors without consulting the president on security issues and ministers who should be together.” . To do so is against national law.

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“These types of relationships, including self-indulgence and indifference, without Buhari’s knowledge of the Kyari, are impacting us in the security services in Nigeria and in return. backwards to ensure success in President Buhari’s future endeavors.

This letter of Monguna comes at a time when the security crisis has returned to the country.

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