just this morning in Eleme Junction at Portharcourt, a woman with her kid and some belongings where found around her. concerned people who gathered around were bewildered, the primary thing everybody will think, individuals around the scene mumbled that she has been utilized for cash custom since it’s widespread in the nation.

Yippee young men all over the place yet who knows whether it’s something different, despite the fact that her circumstance hasn’t been looked into and nobody has distinguished her, what her identity is or where she’s from. 

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let this fill in as an exercise to all females out there, either old or youthful. 

May God spare us 

it would be ideal if you share however much as could reasonably be expected with the goal that she can be found by her family or somebody who perceives her, who knows possibly her family can be on your course of events, I ask none of us or our family will fall injured individual, God favor you as you share. 

If it’s not too much trouble Share!



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