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How To Make Money On Facebook


If there’s anyone who’s never heard of Facebook before or how to make money on Facebook, the individual must probably be living under a stone.

It is a household name with more than 2.2 billion registered monthly users around the world. The social networking platform is the third largest and most popular website in the world, bested only by Google and YouTube.

With a simple email or phone number, anyone can sign up for a Facebook account secured with a personalized password; the social media account can be used to post content, photos, videos, audios, products, and messages. But beyond these, a steady income can be made using Facebook and this article examines some ways on how to make money on facebook- the world’s largest social media platform:

1. List items for sale on Facebook Marketplace

Operating just like a classified space for listing items for sale, anyone can list various products and services for sale on the Facebook marketplace. Almost everyone can view your listed products and services when they go live on the site, and they can contact you directly inspection and purchase.

Items that could be listed include clothing, phones, furniture, electronics, old books, and used cars. Services may include laptop repairs, dental services, freelance writing, and web development services among others.

2. Promote affiliate marketing on Facebook

If you signed up to receive commissions from the sales of given items, you could use Facebook to generate more sales directly or funnel traffic to your sales page.

You can promote your affiliate products on Facebook pages, groups and on your own timeline and even get friends to share it on their timelines as well. The more it is shared on timelines and discussed in groups, the more your chances of making good money.

3. Advertise your services and products on your timeline

If you have 1,000 friends on Facebook, then they are your potential customers if you know how to market what they need to them – or get them to promote your products to others in their own networks.

You could advertise on Facebook Business or simply join/create groups that you can cultivate to raise potential customers. And you could simply announce your products and services and generate interest for them by having friends comment on them or re-share them to their walls.

4. Earn money by selling Facebook “likes”

There are freelancers on Fiverr and other sites who would charge up to $100 to generate 1,000 “likes” for your Facebook content. When people like a content or business profile, they are notified every time the business updates its content or posts some announcement. So if you can make 1,000 or 10,000 people to like a business page, it means you’re virtually helping the business to reach 10,000 potential customers – so why couldn’t you earn money doing it?

5. Manage Facebook accounts

There are hundreds of social media management jobs where an individual is hired to manage the social media accounts of businesses.

You could get paid handsomely to manage the Facebook accounts of small or large businesses on a part-time or full-time basis, and you could earn up to $2,000 monthly managing up to four social media accounts which may include Twitter and Instagram among others. Such job positions are described as Social Media Manager, Facebook Assistant, and Social Media Special among others

6. Be paid to create Facebook ads

Many companies are looking to pay knowledgeable people who are able to create Facebook adverts that attract customers. This is largely because many employers do not want to be directly identified with vacancy opportunities, so they hire people who manage hiring processes via social media. Such individuals create ads that get the work done and only follow up until they get what the companies want, and they get paid handsomely for their social media efforts.

7. Make money from live videos

Create product videos or produce live videos of situations and events and get paid for them by small businesses that you feature or mention in the videos. As an influencer, you can get paid to demonstrate how you use a product at home in real-time, and you can host a live Q&A session where viewers ask questions related to a business or service and you answer to them live.


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