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Nigerians react as Chris Oyakhilome predicts the rapture to happen in 10years from now



Founder of Believers LoveWorld Incorporated, popularly known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has caused chaos on social media following his prediction of the rapture.

In a recent sermon, Oyakhilome explained three options that would help determine when the rapture would occur.

“Remember the rapture itself has no sign, in other words it can happen anytime but there is a limit it cannot go beyond,” he said.

Oyakhilome also showed his congregation a chart he used in calculating the estimated time of the rapture.

Inside the chart, he pitched the time that Jesus left the temple at 30AD and the time of his birth between 4BC to 2BC in calculating when the rapture will occur.

“If we take an average of 30AD plus 2000 years from there, we will enter year 2030.

“From 2020 to 2030, it is 10 years and it means it will not exceed 10 years before the sinful man will be exposed,” he said.

The cleric said the second coming of Jesus will occur along the line of three options.

“Seven years either after or within or across, if it is after, before he returns it will be seven plus 10, that is 17 years before Jesus comes back, seven for the tribulations and 10 years before the Antichrist shows up if it is after.

“If it is within, you have three years before he shows up; if it is across you have six and a half years before he shows up but because six months have passed in 2020, that means you have six years remaining.

“This means if it does not happen in three, it can happen in six, if it does not happen in six it will not exceed 10,” Oyakhilome said.

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