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Nollywood Actress, Queen Nwokoye’s comment on Nengi and Ozo’s “friendship” causes mixed reactions online



Nollywood actress Queen Nwokoye has made a comment on BBNaija Lockdown housemate and ex-housemate, Nengi and Ozo’s friendship and this has stirred reactions from her followers.

According to her, a lot of people don’t value courtships otherwise known as chasing anymore, rather they prefer quickies. She stated that chasing a lady was the factor that made relationships stronger back in the days.


She claimed millennials (which she referred to as Indomie generation) won’t understand her point because they are used to getting things done quickly.

Taking to her twitter account, she wrote,

“The only thing I have realised from the Ozo and Nengi bashing is that alot of people don’t value courtship aka chasing. They love quickies. Chasing was what made toasting fun and relationships strong back in the days but indomie generation won’t understand.”

Her statement was met with mixed reactions, see some of the comments below,

@darlwright77 wrote,

“45 seconds generation! Our time, we go write letters tire,most times no reply! If u eventually see her, only smile she smile give u, ur day has been buttered! She come playfully hug u, brother celebrate like u have won Oscar! Make I go come First”

@FOK_WestY1 wrote,

“The girl I met 2 week ago.. we’ve started planning how to nack meeting in my place this week… my sister no timee. Other guys dey queue now”

@Ibuks3 wrote,

“I agree with this, nengi handled her part well and ozo did well”

@james_chinasa wrote,

“Louder please! Kids of these days are always in a hurry. Unfortunately, some older men and women have joined them too!”

@TOgbomo wrote.

“My husband chased me for almost 3yrs! We’ve been married for 25yrs”

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