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End SARS: “At a point, the protests got out of control” – Williams Uchemba



Nollywood Actor, Philanthropist and Comedian, Williams Uchemba has shared his opinion on the sad turn the #ENDSars protests took and the reason it took that turn.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the actor opined that the demonstrations began to derail as some protesters turned it to a party at Toll gate. He also said the protests should have climaxed on the Friday the candlelight vigil was held and the next thing would have been to strategize to make sure the already-met demands be implemented.

In his words ;

“It is about control. That is why you have brakes in your car. It is to know when to stop or slow down, and when to accelerate. At a point, the protests got out of control. They started doing parties at the toll gate. We were all asking for the same thing – basic amenities.

“I know, constitutionally, you cannot use curfews to stop a protest. But maybe, we could have tried to work with the government just for that day. There was peer pressure on most of my colleagues. I know some of them that were pressurised to go out on the streets, even when the government had given us airtime. The pressure was more from the fans.

We had it at some point and I was telling people that the climax of the protest would have been the candlelight vigil. The next day should have been about strategy. It should have been about ‘what is the next thing? Now, we have those people where we want them.”

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