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The way a woman ‘uses’ herself matters – Actress Lola Idije



At 61, many people begin to lose some of their attractiveness but veteran actress, Toyin Afolayan, better known as Lola Idije, still turns heads.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the actress, who popularised a slang that has gone viral in recent times, ‘Soro Soke’ (speak up) noted that being in the movie industry for over two decades was not a function of her strength.

She said, “People want to know the secret of my good looks but it is just God at work. The way a woman ‘uses’ herself really matters too. Life is like a camera; it is how one poses that one would appear in a photograph. I don’t use myself anyhow. My continued relevance has been by the grace of God. It is absolutely not a function of my strength or any supernatural power. I don’t have anything. In reality, our enemies do not want us to excel but I have triumphed. If one doesn’t serve God and mammon together, the world would marvel at one’s success and wonder if one is the most gifted person because things would work out for one. It is risky to be dependent on human beings because they would disappoint one.”

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The actress who has over 753,000 followers on her Instagram page also stated that she is social media savvy and does not have a personal assistant. She added, “I avoid situations that can tarnish my image. I have a name to protect and it is my responsibility to keep any blemish from the integrity I have built over the years. I have learnt to be mindful of my utterances and watch the kind of friends I keep. I also know that it is wise to mingle with elders. Also, I do things with the consciousness of being a mother. I know that my actions today would rub off on my children tomorrow. I don’t want my children to live miserable lives as a result of my actions.

Read full interview here.

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