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Bobrisky recounts how a friend got nothing from boyfriend of 3 years, advises women to use their brain



Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky in a recent statement advised women to use their brain in their relationships, as he recounted how a friend got nothing from dating her boyfriend of three years.

Bobrisky took to his Snapchat stories to share a story of how a friend got nothing from dating her boyfriend after they dated for three years.

Narrating his friend’s ordeal, Bobrisky said he was angry after his female friend came crying to him that she has broken up with her boyfriend.

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Later he found out that his friend’s boyfriend did not do anything for her over the past three years they dated than sleeping with her.

Bobrisky advised women to use their brain in their relationships while adding that he can never be in any relationship that doesn’t yield positive results.

Bobrisky wrote;

“My friend just called me and guess what guys? She was crying on the phone. I was so scared. I asked what happened and she said her boyfriend just broke up with her this morning.”

Because your boyfriend broke up with you, you are crying… mtchwww

“I asked her few questions. because I was so curious to know y a grown pretty girl will cry.  How much was d total money he has given you so far in the relationship? She said nothing….

“Has he bought you a house in Lekki? She said no. Has he stripped for you expensive bags and shoes? She said yes! When they both travel out.

“So throughout a three years relationship with him all he did was to shop bag and shoes for you? She said yes. He is cute? She said yes!

“So all he does to you is to fuck you. Whenever he wants abi or take you out of the country to fuck you.

“Then take you to club to party and meet his friends he will stylishly pass you to them soon. She said yes but I Live him. I told her she is mad. If nobody is telling her the truth I think I should tell her.”

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