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Kidnapped 18-Year-Old student, Oyiza Adebayo *allegedly faked her kidnap, demanded N100m ransom



Horrid news of the kidnap of an 18-Year-Old made the rounds on the internet four days ago. According to reports, Oyiza Adebayo, a medical student at Ambrose Alli University was kidnapped at Kogi state and a ransom of N100m was demanded.

Four days after what seemed like a staged kidnap, Oyiza reportedly escaped the claws of her kidnappers after moving from Kogi to Edo on foot.

Shortly after her escape, Oyiza took to her social media page to make an announcement that apparently didn’t go well with people who have been worked up over her alleged kidnap. She simply wrote: “Wagwan”

The statement raised eyebrows as many said anyone who just left captivity would be too traumatized to post in that manner on social media immediately after her release.

Oyiza went ahead to tackle all claims that she staged her kidnap saying:

I can’t write essay I no fit Till further notice. I’m very unwell. Cruise ?
So did I come online to post I was kidnapped or I called one person to please reach out and help me that I got kidnapped

I had an health issue and I was going to fix and I got napped’ on the road, if you stay in Okene or know anyone there, stroll go parks or police station and ask them what happened I haven’t been in Lagos since protest started

I’ve been in school and my parents are aware of that, I didn’t run from home, didn’t plan anything

The TV noise in the recording, release it let’s hear 

Let me type this one in peace
Then you can now do as you like

Wagwan was wrong

Me trying to create threads but people kept dragging and my evil spirit is controlling me

You need to understand that I can’t type the long essay on a go, it’s bits by bits

First off
I’m sorry, I don’t know how to behave
I’m sorry if I made you loose anything or make people come at you
I’m beyond grateful for help and prayers
So grateful

No money is with me, the voice note going around, God bless the person for adding fuel to fire, people bringing old conversations and remixing storyline, special shout out, people claiming what they’re not to me and putting me in more trouble, hugs and kisses

If I wanted to chase clout, I for post or I for call many people, I only called three people on the first day, and I started receiving many calls checking on me and I know someone I called put out the nappers’ number which was a good thing, to an extent, the people that kept asking for me where much and mad the nappers’ think I had lots of people to gimme so why not bill her

So here’s what happened in some kind of detailed summary

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