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Isn’t Right?, My Parents Pulled Up My Dress To Check If I Was Wearing Pant – Lad Cry Out



Isn’t Right?, My Parents Pulled Up My Dress To Check If I Was Wearing Pant – Lad Cry Out

A lady has narrated how she was harassed by her own parents for her dress. The lady identified Artwhore and the Twitter handle @The_Amakaa, lamented that she was humiliated and felt bad in such a way that she had never felt before.

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However, It is the culture of African parents to always look out for their children and directed them in such a way that will make them proud. They choose how you dress, guide you on your courses of study and even dictate to you the kind of friends you keep. But the children nowadays see these as outdated and deprivation of liberty.

The lady have been sending different tweets on how bad she felt on the incident that she thought was uncalled for by parents to treat their grown up children in such an awful manner. In one of her tweets,

she posted:

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“My father and mother pulled up my dress to ‘check if I was wearing anything inside’ in case breeze blew and carried my short dress. I’ve never felt more humiliated in my life; I froze there before I started shouting”.

She added another one: “My parents harassed me today for wearing this dress”, in which she showed the kind of dress that she was wearing, though it was a short gown but the parents felt it was too short.

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She continuing that after the parents had done that, they will now come and apologize like it’s not trauma they’re heaping their children, added that African child should make their own way in this world as they are neither properties or extensions of their parents, they are their own person. They should heal from their parental trauma before raising their own kids so as to love them with understanding and softness.

Though her tweets have sparked outrages among social media users, some were attributing that it is an African culture for parents to react in such way, one said it is training, not abuse but some were on the contrary saying it is an excessive actions. While reacting:

@Marcelino reacts: African parents’ perception of love and discipline revolves around hypocrisy, why is it that you parent can chastise you for tinting your hair and tattooing your body when you are under them but keep mute the moment you do the same when you become rich!

Added that parent will be telling you going into fraud is not good but they will still compare you wish your cousin that they obviously know he is into fraud just because he hands out a parcel of cash to them, parenting in Africa is pure joke..especially in Nigeria.

@iamBliss?medik reacts: You are tweeting, wait till you are married and you have kids. I guess until then you’d be able to relate with your parents.

@Kris06sag reacts: Oh please, there are better and more responsible ways to bring up a child and it is doesn’t involve big harsh with strict violence. Look at the white kids, now look at us. Are we any even well mannered than this generation of Nigerian kids.

What can you say to this?

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