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Nigerian banker dies after discovering his kids are not his biological children



A Nigerian man has died from a broken heart after discovering that his two kids with his wife are not his biological children but the kids of a big man who heads a popular financial institution.

A Twitter user shared the sad tale online and you can imagine the spontaneous reactions fraught with emotions that have greeted the post. The post says the man’s wife, was working at FCMB while she was having the extra-marital affair with her boss, the MD of FCMB, known as Adam Nuru.

Read the whole story below;

Tunde Thomas (alias Tunde Gentle), 45, died about two weeks ago from heartbreak. The two kids from his marriage were indeed fathered by a man without scruples or conscience, the current MD of FCMB, Adam Nuru who was his wife’s boss (MD) in FCMB. Tunde’s wife, Moyo Thomas #thread

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