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Men’s gifts are very expensive, that’s why it is hard to get them something good – Lady says



It is very common in our society today that the ratio of men who buys gifts for their ladies is very high compared to the ratio ladies who buys gifts for their men.

This has stirred up so many conversations and dialogs to know the reason why men get little gifts from their ladies compared to the amount of gift that they buy for their ladies.

Recently, a who identified herself as Morgix JP took to Twitter to give her own reason why she thinks men don’t get much quality gifts.

According to her, men’s gifts are too expensive, that’s why it is very hard to get them something good.

Morgix’s tweet stirred up several reactions.

So many disagree with her. According to a twitter user who identified himself as Dr. Lee, there are quality wristwatches, bracelets, picnic shirts and several other gifts that you could get man that are not expensive.

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