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Had To Stop Schooling After I Got Burnt By Fire, My Friend Impregnated Me And People Mocked Me-Video



Had To Stop Schooling After I Got Burnt By Fire, My Friend Impregnated Me And People Mocked Me-Video

Many of the incidents that happen to people are natural disasters, but they still deform us, resulting in stigmatization and ridicule

Others also commit suicide because they believe they are impaired as a result of their experiences.

A young lady who was severely injured and deformed as a result of the fire outbreak has made the headlines, and she is here to tell us about what happened before and after the incident.

Let’s delve into the details.

She claims she was burned and has marks all over her body. She was bullied at school and began to lose faith in life because she believed that life had no value for her. Her friend impregnated her as she began to develop trust. She had given up hope that no one would love her because of her deformity.

Favor is a 2-year-old girl who was burned when she was younger. Her entire body has been affected since that day, particularly her hands and face. She claims that her life has been tough, but that she has become so beautiful, and that it is difficult for her to explain how her body has changed.

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Owing to her looks, some of her peers are hesitant to leave with her. She said she has become used to dealing with her deformity and she cannot alter what has occurred.

Favor recounts the events. According to her, their house caught fire three days after she was conceived, and everything in our room was burned. Her parents were outside, so she was in the building.

Her parents were outside cooking breakfast at the time of the crash. Her father sacrificed his life to go inside for her because the fire was now all over the place. He checked to see that she was still alive and that the fire was not too hot. Fortunately for her, both her father and she survived the unthinkable, but they were both badly burned.


Firefighters arrived later and attempted to put out the fire. She and her father were both seriously hurt and rushed to the hospital. Her condition was serious, and she spent a year in the hospital. Many of the doctors were taken aback by the fact that a teenage girl had survived such a horrific crash.

Because of her beauty, a lot of people had turned her down and bullied her. This shattered her heart, and she began to hide from others. She didn’t realize she was deformed until a classmate began ignoring her.

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She told her mother, who was given a full explanation. Her plight caused her to become very self-conscious. One of the things that bothers her the most, she claims, is when parents threaten to give their children to me for beatings if they misbehave

This leaves the kids fearful of me if they see me.

She could find nothing positive about herself at first as she looked in the mirror. She now accepts herself as she is and thinks she is really attractive. Her friend used to inspire her, but just for his own benefit. He was suspended from school after he impregnated her. She has been a dropout since then.

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This is a tragic tale, but she is courageous enough that she has found a way to live happily and views herself as amazing amid all of the stigmatization and ridicule.

Have a look at the video below.

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