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“I Am Too Much, I Make Them Tired. That Is Why All My Boyfriends Leave Me”- Lady Boasted



“I Am Too Much, I Make Them Tired. That Is Why All My Boyfriends Leave Me”

Think about yourself in a situation where you are always being divorced or dumped by your loved ones just because they consider you to be too much.

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And not just too much, but they even go to an extent where they consider you to be tiring and you always make them tired.

I mean isnt that whats love is about? Not for some people i guess. Personally i believe that everyone will always find an excuse or reason to leave you when they dont love you or they realise that you are irrelevant for them.

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In this instance a girl tweeted saying that she is too much and she makes them tired, which is why her boyfriends leave her.

Maybe she is one of those girls who complain all the time and never feel satisfied about the love they get and that is why her men always end up leaving her. But we cannot judge because of the reason that she did not say it herself.

But maybe the sole reason why they leave her is because they are really tired and she does tire them, however such things should always be addressed and talked about rather than leaving the other person just for that reason dont you think?.

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About her being too much, we may never understand. Many people consider themselves to be too much even towards family it never ends.

What would you say about this?.

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