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If You Have Less Than This Amount In Your Account Then Forget About Relationship”. – Young Lady Says



If You Have Less Than This Amount In Your Account Then Forget About Relationship”. – Young Lady Says

As we can all relate to lady’s reaction when it comes to money as they can’t hold on the guys with the intense of financial lack.

Ladies who fall on this category have been possessed with the attribute of materialistic because they feel desiring to the burnish things in the world. They always on uncomfort mode if a guy failed to give them what they want. All of their responsibilities have already been placed on guys hence they’re dependable to reframe their potential of hardworking which can earn them money in expanse way. Note is not all ladies.

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A lady has been a perfect samples of one of the materialistic ladies who always depend on man for their survivers. She writes on twitter page and sight an an observation about guys who are less than her expectations to avoid any relationship with her. She recounted that guy that has nothing less than 500k in his account should forget about relationships because they Into paucity of money hence they are not capable to supply the needs of their women.

She writes thus on her twitter page; if you don’t have nothing less than 500k in your account then you don’t deserve a girlfriend.

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Many have thoughts she is one of one girls who are doing clout chasing on Twitter but I want to tell you that she’s right. Many guys have come across ladies like this. Once they discovered you don’t get what they want then they ignore you and go for another person who meet their standard.

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