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My Husband Sent Me Out When he Saw a message From Someone I had affairs with – Woman Cry Out



My Husband Sent Me Out When he Saw a message From Someone I had affairs with – Woman Cry Out

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Before reading, I want to use this opportunity to tell men to always love their wives even when they are facing difficult time because, another man might see your wife and start showing her the love you have shown her for long.

The wife of a popular Nigerian car dealer, who owns IVD Autos, had taken to her Instagram page to narrate what transpired between her and her husband, that made her husband sent both and her and her children out in the middle of the night.

Talking on her Instagram page, she said that truly, she has disappointed a lot of people and that, she knows that they are going to judge and drag her but, she’s going to take full responsibility for her actions and she won’t be silenced.

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Before now, she has revealed it severally that her husband is always abusing her, as he do punch and maltreat her some times.

She said before August, she started therapy for PSTD and immediately she started recovering from it, she filed for a divorce between her and her husband of which they were in the middle of that issue when she met a man in August.

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She said in August, she met someone whom she was emotionally attracted to due to the way he do treat her and also care for her. She made it known that, this man will call her for a very long time over the phone while her husband would have travelled out and won’t have her time.

She made it known that the affair she had with the man in August wasn’t a sexual one, but she knows thay she loves the man because he do treat her with respect and he is always there for her whenever she’s feeling down and depressed.

She made it known that her husband has been trying to get her back emotionally, but it will take time before she can love him back because, she already loves someone else.

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She said yesterday, husband took her phone and saw the messages between her entangled lover and herself and he became angry and sent both her and her children out of the house around 11pm in the night.

She said if her home was comfortable and she was finding joy with her husband, all these things would not have happened but due to the fact that she’s always in emotional abuse, she now loves someone else.

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