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“This is Occultism”- See What Newly Admitted University Students Did That Got People Talking



“This is Occultism”- See What Newly Admitted University Students Did That Got People Talking

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Come take a look at what the newly enrolled students at the university did that sparked a backlash on social media (Pictures)


School carnivals are a perfect way to get the academic community from all over your town or city to come together for an experience where they get to interact with one another, support people in the community, or have a blast! In my view, we should do things a little bit differently.” If you’re heading to the carnival today, you’ll be merry!


Every year, the school participates in a different cultural celebration where numerous student organizations display their culture, provide multicultural opportunities, and encourage diversity by engaging in a variety of artistic competitions. Relax and enjoy watching this cultural talent competition, while you root for your favorite organization!


The images from the Calabar University Induction Parade were used to show the social media responses. They carried out a number of operations. Some of the students wore black, red, and white outfits. Before I knew what had happened, I thought to myself, “Are that student worshipers?” when I first saw these images. Take a look at the photos below.



The operation was handed down to the students in the course of the students’ initial graduation parade, Malabis and the Malabs, who posted photos on the newly admitted Facebook students from the Theatre, Film and Carnival Studies Department. shifted the service to a different location (University of Calabar).















On one side, the carnival is a fun experience showcasing the imaginative and talented qualities of the community. But, in my view, the Malabites and Malabresses didn’t act quite right because they didn’t maintain a social distance and wore nose masks. Some individuals claim that it is occultic and supernatural initiation and that today’s students of Calabar University’s Department of Theatre, Film and Carnival Studies (formerly the Department of Contemporary African Diasporan Cultures) were not the first people in Calabar to ridicule the academic opening parade of new students from Calabar University. If you have an opinion on this? Will you suggest that your kids, brother, or sister participate in this activity? Feel free

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Please maintain social distance, wear your face masks, wash your hands regularly with sanitizer for prevention is better than cure.

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