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GistsFanz Ads Space, Position Size and Price

Gistsfanz Banner ads come in different sizes and are used within different positions on our page/Website , it is possible to have more than one ad on Our page/Website in different sizes or positions. determining how successful they are.


These sizes are going to be standard sizes set. Determining what ad size will be the most beneficial depends on the product or services of which you are advertising. Ideally, you want to reserve two-thirds of the ad for a picture or the main value proposition. The other third should be dedicated to the primary call to action. In the chart to follow you will see the most common ad sizes, of which are strongly recommended for your business banner ad.


As with ad sizes, the position of an ad is entirely up to Our website itself, ad positions are within the content (44.66% response), within the heading (27.32% response), within the left (7.88% response) and right (9.28% response columns, rounded out by rotating ads (4.74% response) and ads below the fold (1.93% response), ads close to the content, above the fold, and near other captivating content will provide in any way you want it.

300 x 250Medium Rectangle
250 x 250Square
240 x 400Vertical Rectangle
336 x 280Large Rectangle
180 x 150Rectangle
300 x 1003:1 Rectangle
720 x 300Pop-Under
Banners and Buttons
468 x 60Full Banner
234 x 60Half Banner
88 x 31Micro Bar
120 x 90Button 1
120 x 60Button 2
120 x 240Vertical Banner
125 x 125Square Button
728 x 90Leaderboard
160 x 600Wide Skyscraper
120 x 600Skyscraper
300 x 600Half Page As

For more information regarding Our banner ad sizes, Cost and positions, Kindly contact us